House Rules

As with all shared living spaces, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the house rules which are designed to maintain peace and promote a community centred around an enjoyable living experience. 

  1. NOISE
    All stereo, radio and TV appliances should be kept at a volume which will not interfere with your neighbours’ quiet enjoyment of their home. This includes the playing of musical instruments, loudspeakers, mechanical noise and any other noise that might cause annoyance to the owners and occupiers of the development. Most especially, noise should not be audible outside your apartment between the hours of 12.00 midnight and 9.00 am.
    All doors, including front doors, should be closed quietly. The main hall doors should be kept closed at all times. To protect the security of the complex, residents are requested not to allow entry to ANYBODY except their own personally invited guests or visitors. Strangers should NOT be allowed enter the complex. Please call 999 for any suspicious activity .
    No obstructions (e.g. bicycles, prams, refuse, and baggage) of any kind should be placed in the common areas (i.e. lobbies, halls, landings or carpark). The Management Company reserves the right to remove any such offending items without notice.
    Bicycles must be parked in the bike park located in the underground carpark. Bicycles must not be locked to gates, lampposts, trees, railing or balconies. The Management Company reserves the right to remove any such offending bicycles, without notice.
  5.  PETS
    As provided for in the lease agreements, it is forbidden to keep animals/birds which cause annoyance to any resident.
    Washing must not be hung out to dry on balconies or from windows, as provided for in the lease agreements.
    No alterations or building work is allowed inside apartments or on any balcony without the prior written approval of the Management Company.
    The erection of external wireless, television aerial or satellite dishes is not permitted without the prior written approval of the Management Company.
    Cars should be parked carefully in their individual spaces. Residents must take great care not to park in a manner which might interfere with cars entering or exiting the complex. The parking of caravans, trailers and commercial vehicles is not allowed. The Management Company may remove them without notice. Residents should park only in their private car space. Visitors must be directed to park outside the development. The sounding of car horns at the front gate is strictly forbidden. 
  10. ALARMS
    In the event of activation, an alarm must not sound either externally or internally for a period in excess of twenty minutes.
  11.  REFUSE 
    Refuse sacks should be tied securely and placed in the bins provided. It is not permitted to store refuse in any other part of the complex.
    Children must be supervised and kept under control.  Furniture and other facilities must not be interfered with. Every effort should be made to keep the common areas and grounds clean and tidy.
    There are no Barbeques permitted in Custom House Harbour.